Friday, July 12, 2002

Wow there are a LOT of folks using web cams and some for some freaky mojo. I'm just hoping I don't pick my nose on mine and yet others are...well we have to leave something to the imagination ;)

Some of these cams are addicting to watch....I mean a car accident you can't take your eyes off of....

It's going to be one of "those" days. Here I sit trying to get my webcam working. Actually trying to get the link to work here. And I can't find the problem! It's exactly the same as the other links I have here. When I put it on another web page I have it works fine there and on the HTML page I use to test things. Why oh dear lord why does it have to give me a headache here?

Let's try this -


This cam is only on during the week however. And that's if I can keep it working. Fickle thing!

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Just had to post I'm happy to be home!

Grant it, it is a dial up connection here. Usually I log onto a site at work and before I can count to 3 the page is fully loaded with all it's graphics, sounds etc. Here, well it's a bit slower paced...log on, go cook dinner, eat dinner, check page, clear table, start the coffee, check page, turn on tv, see what's on get engrossed in a show...totally forget about the web page, screen saver comes on so nothing to remind me about the page I was trying to load. TV show over, hit the shower and go to bed.

Morning - goes to computer to check for email DOH! Well at least the page is loaded...

ARG!! Wrong page!....cooks breakfast...

Good lord! I am not savy with HTML, took me all day to finally get this where I'm temporarily satisfied. Geez you put one " too many and it messes everything up. Go figure.

But I really gotta give credit where it's due and this site helped me out loads. It's cool because you can practice your HTML and then click on "display results" and instantly see if it's going to work.

Here are the folks that helped me out.

Hahah even as I type this I'm hoping the link works. And don't worry, I don't want you to miss a thing so I've made that link open in a new window.

Well once I get this where I want it I think I'll start my new hobby. Jello Sculpting!

*sips her coffee* I just love this nectar of the gods!

It's another day here in S. Calif. Yes I live in an area that during the summer months, well let's just say that here you must chew your air 32 times before you inhale it.
Hit a record high yesterday 108 degrees of pure hell. Combine that with humidity, and smog...and MmMmmMMm you have such a delightful mix.

I have a satellite office in Palm Desert and had to go out there a few weeks back. Oh for the love of god it was HOT! And they'll tell "Oh but's a dry heat..." Like that helps! 115 degrees in JUNE!!! There I was walking along the sidewalk to get to the office, praying the soles of my shoes wouldn't melt, and I noticed big gray splotches on the sidewalk, not a lot of em. I wondered what they were, and then I saw it happen right before my eyes! This old man was walking towards me and damn if he didn't just spontaneously combust..and blamo another gray splotch on the sidewalk. I know I seared my lungs breathing that air out there.

I dread going out to my car this afternoon....but I did find out something kinda cool....see if you take a small roast, some onions, carrots and potatoes and wrap them up in a big piece of dinner time you have a fully cooked meal! I'm driving home and pull into the driveway and dinner is complete. :)

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Have you hugged your blogger today?

I found this article about blogs, blogging thought I would share.

In the beginning - say 1994 - the phenomenon now called blogging was little more than the sometimes nutty, sometimes inspired writing of online diaries. These days, there are tech blogs and sex blogs and drug blogs and onanistic teenage blogs. But there are also news blogs and commentary blogs, sites packed with links and quips and ideas and arguments that only months ago were the near-monopoly of established news outlets. Poised between media, blogs can be as nuanced and well-sourced as traditional journalism, but they have the immediacy of talk radio. Amid it all, this much is clear: The phenomenon is real. Blogging is changing the media world and could, I think, foment a revolution in how journalism functions in our culture.

Blogs do two things that Web magazines like Slate and Salon simply cannot. First off, blogs are personal. Almost all of them are imbued with the temper of their writer. This personal touch is much more in tune with our current sensibility than were the opinionated magazines and newspapers of old. Readers increasingly doubt the authority of The Washington Post or National Review, despite their grand-sounding titles and large staffs. They know that behind the curtain are fallible writers and editors who are no more inherently trustworthy than a lone blogger who has earned a reader's respect.

The second thing blogs do is - to invoke Marx - seize the means of production. It's hard to underestimate what a huge deal this is. For as long as journalism has existed, writers of whatever kind have had one route to readers: They needed an editor and a publisher. Even in the most benign scenario, this process subtly distorts journalism. You find yourself almost unconsciously writing to please a handful of people - the editors looking for a certain kind of story, the publishers seeking to push a particular venture, or the advertisers who influence the editors and owners. Blogging simply bypasses this ancient ritual.

Twenty-one months ago, I rashly decided to set up a Web page myself and used to publish some daily musings to a readership of a few hundred. Sure, I'm lucky to be an established writer in the first place. And I worked hard at the blog for months for free. But the upshot is that I'm now reaching almost a quarter million readers a month and making a profit. That kind of exposure rivals the audiences of traditional news and opinion magazines.

And I have plenty of company. The most obvious example is Glenn Reynolds, a hyperactive law professor who churns out dozens of posts a day and has quickly become a huge presence in opinion journalism. This is democratic journalism at its purest. Eventually, you can envision a world in which most successful writers will use this medium as a form of self-declared independence.

Think about it for a minute. Why not build an online presence with your daily musings and then sell your first book through print-on-demand technology direct from your Web site? Why should established writers go to newspapers and magazines to get an essay published, when they can simply write it themselves, convert it into a .pdf file, and charge a few bucks per download? Just as magazine and newspaper editors are slinking off into the sunset, so too might all the agents and editors and publishers in the book market.

This, at least, is the idea: a publishing revolution more profound than anything since the printing press. Blogger could be to words what Napster was to music - except this time, it'll really work. Check back in a couple of years to see whether this is yet another concept that online reality has had the temerity to destroy.

Andrew Sullivan writes for, The New Republic, and The New York Times.

I am firm believer that what you eat for breakfast or lunch will decide how the rest of your day goes. Let's look at my lunch..I'm sitting here eating a salad.. well you know I'll be hungry in 30 minutes when this piddly leafy stuff breaks down in my system. This in itself will make me cranky. Ah but I have supplemented this with a hearty piece of garlic bread (heavy on the garlic) which will give me sadistic pleasure when I breathe on unsuspecting agents. (Agents... well I work in a real estate office). This is garnished with a nice pile of seasoned potatoes. Hearty stuff there.

But I swear these folks that just eat a few green leaves torn up and thrown on a plate and call it it's no wonder we have poor customer service, bad tech support and pissed off drivers. These people need to eat! Now I'm not saying pork down a rack of ribs and half a cheese cake, but for gods sake eat something your body can use so your brain can at least function. Watch a person walking along munching on a small bag of M&M's or slurping on a shake. He's probably humming and looking happy. Now look over at the person at a cafe that just finished their watercress salad with a squeeze of lemon for taste. That pinched look on their face isn't because the lemon was tart. It's because their stomach is screaming at them "OMG this is it?!!"

Monday, July 08, 2002

Here it comes!!

Damn you missed it.. there it goes...


You ever have one of those days...

I've been sitting here thinking about stuff and found out some interesting things.

I can only do the single eyebrow raise with my left eyebrow. Now why can't I do it with my right..seems kinda strange that I can't.

I went to a site today that claims they use the un-used portion of a PC while it's in a screen saver mode to help process signals received from outerspace. Kinda makes you wonder who's up there and why are they sending signals to our small podunk machines. Seems to me they're up there looking back down on us and what we've done to the planet and our lack of technology and telling their small alien children "Ok kids..if you're going to go out tonight stay clear of that Terra stars but that place is a dump!! Your uncle Spornik went there once and came back all freaked out. Said he saw some strange mojo".

Huh...I can type faster if I close my eyes and not look at my keys than I can if I just look at the monitor. I must say I never have spelling errors, just keyboard malfunctions.