Thursday, May 01, 2003

Well I just love trying new things.

So today I get horn swoggled into going to a tanning salon to get my new tan "sprayed" on. Yes sprayed. You have to watch a 3 minute video first on the technique etc. Now at first I've this image in my mind of standing there while 3 people with spray bottles coat me with some concoction that's going to turn me very orange. Thank goodness that wasn't the case. You get undressed and then stand in this booth and face these very ominous looking nozzles. I wait and nothing happens...guess I should have watched the video more closely. Ponder...Oh look a green button...let's push that...HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I KNOW this was NOT in the video!! I know I would have remembered something saying "Oh by the way the spray that comes out like 100 cans of air per nozzle. You also won't be able to breathe. Did we mention it is very cold?" So now you can't breathe but every time these nozzles move up and down and spray your belly with an ice cold concoction..what's your natural instinct..yeah me inhale..and sharply! Not good...ok the spraying has stop...I still can't breathe and god help me I have to turn around now and let it spray my backside. You're in this chamber for about 40 seconds.

Nice part is you get out and towel off and there's no sticky feeling and it doesn't smell funny like the creams you buy over the counter to tan.

Would I do it again? Yes. But the fun thing will be taking someone new each time just to hear them scream out when it hits them the first time .

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Hi Susie!!!

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