Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What is that defining moment when we go "Huh"?

I hear it a lot from people to indicate so many things.


I just figured this out. (Praise me)
Would you look at that (Do you see what I see or should I stop taking these meds?)
I didn't know that (But I'll pretend that I've kind of heard of it so as to not to appear to stupid)
Huh as in I'm agreeing with you and nodding (But I have no idea why I'm doing this)
I've never heard of that before (I'm stalling because I don't want to deal with you and pretend I'm going to do research on your question and then I'll get back to you at my convienence.)

I didn't make a New Years resolution again this year. I find they just set us up for disappointment. Although I am trying to eat better. Well by better I mean only eat half the big bag of Lays Salt and Vinegar chips instead of the whole thing.