Thursday, April 03, 2003

Ok so I decided to get my ears pierced...well re done. Let's see I'm 40 and I had them done when I was 18 and that lasted till I was 19 when I pulled them out and never wore them again. Reason why? They made me sick. And I mean physically ill. I changed my earrings a total of 3 times in that year, 2 times I threw up and the third I had to have someone do it for me and I it freaked me out so bad I made them stop. They got one done. That's when I took them both out and never looked back. Until March 31st.

What in the hell ever prompted me to get them redone I have NO clue. At 8:30 am I said "I'll think I'll get my ears pierced today" and at 10 am I was sitting in a chair having it done. Good lord what have I done!! Did I not learn anything at all 22 years ago?!?! Well what's done is done..suck it up I say! I mean I can watch the gorey and blood splattered operating room proceedures and not flinch. But sitting here now thinking about that hole in my ear is..well we're just not going to think about that.

Yesterday I had a horrible experience with my right ear. I called in a co-worker...Fix my ear something is horribly wrong! Every time I turn my earring it feels like my skin is being pulled up. So she checks and sure enough seems I had somehow gotten a hair (and I have long hair) screwed around the shaft of the earring. So day 2 does not start out well.

Day three (today) seems I've learned turn the earring one way then the other to unwind anything that may be caught in it. All I know is the only way I'm going to be able to wear a new pair come June is to bring my earrings to work and have someone do them for me.

On a side note, because well my life is a side note, go to Wal-Mart, Target or whatever store is locally in your area that sells a bit of this and that and get some classic DVD's. So many of them are on sale. Right now I sit at my desk typing out my blog and watching Stripes with Bill Murray.

My list of recommendations includes -

Uncle Buck
Cabin Boy
Captain Ron
Sixteen Candles

One should always have a staple of good fun movies that you can throw in anytime and enjoy.

Chat with ya later!