Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Holy Shit Here I go!

I am so terrified...but tomorrow (Thursday) I go to my new school to put money down.

I have to work full time and then if that isn't enough I've decided to go back to school - Culinary school. Which will be Mon - Fri from 6pm til 11:30pm in Los Angeles.

Gee....go to work at 8, work till 3:30, get into car, immediately hit traffic, sit in car, feel road rage build, put on music to calm rage, drive 2 hours to school, cook for 5 1/2 hours, get back in car for 2 hour ride home, hoping no traffic since it's so late, but getting traffic because some schmuck can't talk on his a cell phone and drive and crashes...and then come home shower and do it all again the next day!! WTF!?

It's only for 7 months..I can do this..right? RIGHT? 7 life just work and's only 7's not even a year....just 7 months....7...WTF?!

I'd say pray for me...but HA being an atheist that's not gonna help :D