Thursday, August 31, 2006

Posting here and there...and what was I saying?

I've been so busy at culinary school and working and posting on my culinary blog (shameless plug to make you read another one) that I have neglected this blog.

So pop on over to the other one now and then to keep track of me. (Always like to make sure my stalkers know exactly where I am at all times.)

On a side note...ever forget what you're going to say? No I mean really AS you're saying it? It's so frustrating....they're're thinking oh I have something really good to add to this convo, then you keep thinking about the laundry you need to do and you need to call back...oh! it's time for me to jump in with what I was thinking...and you open your mouth and start talking and instantly forget everything you were going to say. So rather than stop and say you forgot (because heaven forbid you look stupid) you keep talking. Of course you're talking about nothing, and they're looking at you like "Would you get to your point" at which you've now even forgotten the original topic. So you wrap can lead a horse to water....You nod knowingly and walk away. They look at you like you're an idiot.

It's now 3:38AM...I just woke up out of dead sleep...I remembered what I was going to say.


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