Thursday, July 11, 2002

*sips her coffee* I just love this nectar of the gods!

It's another day here in S. Calif. Yes I live in an area that during the summer months, well let's just say that here you must chew your air 32 times before you inhale it.
Hit a record high yesterday 108 degrees of pure hell. Combine that with humidity, and smog...and MmMmmMMm you have such a delightful mix.

I have a satellite office in Palm Desert and had to go out there a few weeks back. Oh for the love of god it was HOT! And they'll tell "Oh but's a dry heat..." Like that helps! 115 degrees in JUNE!!! There I was walking along the sidewalk to get to the office, praying the soles of my shoes wouldn't melt, and I noticed big gray splotches on the sidewalk, not a lot of em. I wondered what they were, and then I saw it happen right before my eyes! This old man was walking towards me and damn if he didn't just spontaneously combust..and blamo another gray splotch on the sidewalk. I know I seared my lungs breathing that air out there.

I dread going out to my car this afternoon....but I did find out something kinda cool....see if you take a small roast, some onions, carrots and potatoes and wrap them up in a big piece of dinner time you have a fully cooked meal! I'm driving home and pull into the driveway and dinner is complete. :)


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