Monday, July 08, 2002

You ever have one of those days...

I've been sitting here thinking about stuff and found out some interesting things.

I can only do the single eyebrow raise with my left eyebrow. Now why can't I do it with my right..seems kinda strange that I can't.

I went to a site today that claims they use the un-used portion of a PC while it's in a screen saver mode to help process signals received from outerspace. Kinda makes you wonder who's up there and why are they sending signals to our small podunk machines. Seems to me they're up there looking back down on us and what we've done to the planet and our lack of technology and telling their small alien children "Ok kids..if you're going to go out tonight stay clear of that Terra stars but that place is a dump!! Your uncle Spornik went there once and came back all freaked out. Said he saw some strange mojo".

Huh...I can type faster if I close my eyes and not look at my keys than I can if I just look at the monitor. I must say I never have spelling errors, just keyboard malfunctions.


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