Tuesday, July 09, 2002

I am firm believer that what you eat for breakfast or lunch will decide how the rest of your day goes. Let's look at my lunch..I'm sitting here eating a salad.. well you know I'll be hungry in 30 minutes when this piddly leafy stuff breaks down in my system. This in itself will make me cranky. Ah but I have supplemented this with a hearty piece of garlic bread (heavy on the garlic) which will give me sadistic pleasure when I breathe on unsuspecting agents. (Agents... well I work in a real estate office). This is garnished with a nice pile of seasoned potatoes. Hearty stuff there.

But I swear these folks that just eat a few green leaves torn up and thrown on a plate and call it lunch....man it's no wonder we have poor customer service, bad tech support and pissed off drivers. These people need to eat! Now I'm not saying pork down a rack of ribs and half a cheese cake, but for gods sake eat something your body can use so your brain can at least function. Watch a person walking along munching on a small bag of M&M's or slurping on a shake. He's probably humming and looking happy. Now look over at the person at a cafe that just finished their watercress salad with a squeeze of lemon for taste. That pinched look on their face isn't because the lemon was tart. It's because their stomach is screaming at them "OMG this is it?!!"


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