Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I made an observation today. And again this is my blog so if co-workers get the link to here and don't like it....move on.

Today I'm standing and talking to the CEO. He's seated behind his desk. While talking to him his new secretary comes over to get a post-it note off his desk which is to his left near his computer. Rather than walk behind him and quietly remove the note, she reaches across and in front of him thus putting her breasts in his face. I'm usually very outspoken and often make quips and comments about all sorts of things, but this so caught me off guard I was at a loss for words! He actually had to back up a tad or they would have smacked him in the face. I mean honey watch where you point those things! It's always funny till the CEO loses an eye!

The fun part will be when his wife gets a whiff of this. I think it's time I get the hidden webcams up and loaded

But this too got me thinking. You could really have some fun with webcams. I mean I would never put them in places like bathrooms and such. But just point them around in open places that there is no expectation of privacy (my friend susie will now email and instruct me I'm wrong but shush...this is for fun) and then splice together a lot of small convo's. What a riot that'd be.

Did I mention I have a teenage daughter? I notice everyone reading this is now nodding their heads in understanding. There is no manual in the world to cover what you'll experience with a teenager. Allow me to elaborate. I drive her to school, there is no bus service.

Pull into the main circular driveway along with all the other parents dropping off their children.

1. - Before opening of any doors all oldies music will be turned off.
2. - There will be no expressions of "I love you!" said after the door is opened.
3. - Absolutely NO eye contact is to be made with any boy. EVER.
4. - No eye contact with teachers who are also arriving.
5. - Do not bother to call out to them once they have exited the vehicle. They suddenly do not know who you are and why you'd be talking to them. (Of course this always fun when they get out of the car and forget something important like their history book and you try and call out "Hey you left your...." It's usually about an hour later I get the frantic text message on my cell phone "Mom!! I forgot my history book!!" of which I politely respond "Yes I tried to tell you as you were walking away...oh can't talk now going into a meeting."
6. - When picking up said teenager do not despense with chit chat of "How was your day" it was either "Ok" or "Horrible". Do not ask "What did you do today?" You'll get the eye roll and the comment of "I......went to class...." or the customary "nothin".
7. - Do not ask "How is doing?" This usually gets you a 22 minute disertation on the two of them did, said and this was so funny and how that was so lame, and so and so tried to listen in, and then she said....right around minute 7 or so, it dawns on you. You shouldn't of asked, and maybe you should order pizza. The really sad part is, while you're trying to look interested and have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Half the time she gets to laughing so hard at the retelling of something that...well if I had no clue before....it's just hopeless now.

Ah the joys of parenthood.


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