Friday, March 21, 2003

I cannot fathom why people are so hard headed.

Scenerio - I'm a network person, it's what I do. And so when I run heavy duty virus software to block viruses it's for a very good reason. I even insist that each user who has their own computer meet my standards. Which they do. Well here comes
User X:. "Hey Norton just popped up and said it found a virus and I deleted it"
Me : "Great now tell me what virus did it find? And what color was the warning box?"
User X: "It was a red box and said it found Klez"
Me: **thinking great just great, she not only gets the email, but she opens the attachment. Oh joy...she did it in her AOL**
User X: "I just ran Norton and it said I didn't have any viruses"
Me: "Well the Klez virus blocks Norton from seeing it. So you still have it."
User X: "No I don't"
Me: "Yes you do."
User X: "No I do NOT! and put me back on the network!"
Me: "Yes you do have it and no network for you missy until you clean your room"
User X: "I'm going to call my son he knows all about computers!"
Me: "Super. What does your son do for a living anyways?"
User X: "He works at an autobody shop..why?"
Me: "Hmmm he works in a autobody shop and I'm a network administrator...."

(Is it just me or does person really think I should feel threatened at this point)

Me: "And how much computer experience does your son have?"
User X: "He has 2 computers that he built from scratch"
Me: "Ok User X here's the deal, my virus scanner sends me a notice that your user name, and your computer matching your ip address sent out and virus and you insist your computer did not? So how did it happen then?"
User X: "Someone stole my aol address and sent it out."
Me: "Uh huh..and how does that explain the fact that the IP address matches your pc. I assign each computer it's own unique address"
User X: "God!! They were probably sitting at my computer when they did it!!"
Me: **all I can do at this point is look at her and raise one eyebrow hoping beyond hope that it will dawn on them what they just said.....nope they're still clueless**
Me: "So someone at YOUR comptuer logged onto YOUR email, again from YOUR computer, and sent out the virus BUT, YOUR computer is not infected?"
User X: "That is correct."
Me: ***bangs her nead on the desk***

What day it's been and it's only 10:30am here.


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