Friday, May 23, 2003

Well today marks a turning point - As you know if you've read the other blogging I've done, I got my ears pierced. Needless to say it was a really odd thing for me to do. Well today was the day I changed them for the first time. If I look at em while I do it, makes me ill, but if I do it by feel I seem to be ok. Hopefully I never put in two different ones because I won't know it till someone tells me.

I also saw the Matrix - Reloaded today. I was a huge fan of the first movie and the story it had to tell. I won't give any details because I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone. Let's just say it had some GREAT special affects. I mean really really good. And well that was it. If you're looking for a good story line go see Daddy Day Care. This movie just left me going " what?". They got it right with the first movie, failed on the second, let's hope they do it right for the third and final chapter.

For a side note I did go to the big E3 convention. This is a convention where they premier all the new console games (and pc games) that will be coming out.


The following may be offensive to some. It's my blog, it's my opinion, if you're offended click back on your browser and find someone else's blog to read.

Ok so I'm at E3 with about 8,000 of my closest friends all crammed in to a limited space. I know there just had to be a fire code violation there. Anyways, I think the main problem was too many people in such a small area, it was hot with little ventilation and add to that a lot of european folks who honestly think that bathing once every 2 weeks is appropriate. Not in my country! You come over here you take a shower before you're gonna be standing next to me. P U!! And then there I stand in line waiting to see the review of Halo 2 (worth it!) and this german dude decides to sit down and take off his shoes. I about passed out right where I stood, except I never would have hit the ground because of..yes you guessed it, the crowds. I promptly told this guy "Hey you...yeah stink feet, put your nappy ass shoes back on your feet! We do not want to smell your fungus coated,sweaty appendages!" He tells me "My feet hurt" which I replied "I don't give a damn put em back on or you're gonna find out why I'm the only female standing in this line with a bunch of guys and being the only one ready to make you put em back on!" (there was some applause from some small asian men behind me. I think they really got the brunt of the fumes. At least I'm 5'9" so I might of gotten above it.) He's still looking at me. I reach down and raise up that little nylon belt thing they use to separate the line getting ready to go under and show him some good ol USA hospitality...he snatched his shoes up and put em back on. I mean that was GROSS!!

My Picks of E3 -

For the Xbox -

Halo 2 - Hands down! 1 to get ready, 2 to get set, 3 to start pummeling some convenant ass!! And did I mention Dual Weapons...yes I think I just did :)

For the PS 2 -

EA Sports - Now I don't play the PS2 nor do I play any of the sports games, but watching folks demo this was amazing. The graphics were smooth and they're getting the realism down.

For the PC -

Half Life 2 - haha the crowbar is back! This game blew me away!! I cannot wait for it's release later this fall!! This game will be worth a video card upgrade all the way.

For the GameCube -

Metal Gear Solid - I love these games.

Well that's about all I have for now. You all play nice nice with the toys while I'm gone.

Uber and Out


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