Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Vegas + Vodka = Fun

I went to the Red Square in Mandalay Bay…omg that was the neatest thing! We had dinner there and then went and saw the Blue Man Group (Great show!). We came back for the vodka experience….wow. Costly but you are treated like kings and queens for the time you’re there. So we bought this bottle of Prada Vodka….jesus h christ we drank the entire thing! Well my feet got really cold in a 0 degree freezer so I stepped out. The hostess was talking to the bartender and asking about some new bottle call Zyr. So the bartender pours her a shot to try…she just takes a sip and comments about how she prefers some other brand. My Brain says “Keep your mouth shut or you’ll pay for it later!” My mouth on the other hand tells the brain “You’re not the boss of me…” and asks her “Are you going to finish that?” She responds no and pushes it to me, and I promptly slam it. Nice after burn….again my brain is trying to relate something…but I’m not listening anymore…

I get my salt craving and it’s bad…Bartender! I need a round of olives good sir! He laughs and hands me a couple of olives on these cute little swords. Well 2 isn’t enough…I need salt man!! So he gives me some more…and says “You really do like your salt” and I replied “Oh more than you know! See that olive juice..hell I can do a shooter of that without blinking” My brain just threw it’s hands up and walked away at that point. The bartender looks and says “No way!! You’d get sick” “Nope” So he gets out a shotglass, during this time his brain is going “ARE YOU NUTS!?! SHE’LL HURL ON THE BAR!!” He isn’t listening either…he hands me a shot of salty olive juice. I pick it up, smile yell Prost! And down it. YUM!! It was actually tasty. He is staring at me with his mouth open and then gives me a high five “That is the freakiest thing I have ever seen” I’m thinking he doesn’t get out much.

Then I spy it…

”Wow let me see that bottle!” and I gesture towards a shelf above the bartender’s head. It’s a bottle of red vodka and it’s pretty, it’s called Vampyre!! He gets it down for me to see….I try to read the back…but my brain won’t let my eyes play anymore. I comment about I wonder if it has any odor….next thing I know he opens it and sniffs it…then the hostess does….of course I have to….and again my mouth is working independently on it’s own blurts out “I wonder what it tastes like….” By now I seem to be his hero (who knew salty olive juice could have that effect) and he pours me out a shot. I try to yell Prost (a german toast or something like that) but instead of Prost it comes out Probed! (You can make a bar go silent for a brief moment.) I downed the shot…it was interesting, nice burn but the cool thing is you look like you drank blood. It leaves a red smear in the glass and on your lips.

Well this was just too much fun. I am ripped…and I do mean ripped. I can still walk and none of us was driving so I didn’t care. After our excursion in the freezer we decide to hit the gaming tables. Before that we head up to the room to change, since I’m wearing a dress and heels and drunk + heels = broken leg. So I get my jeans on and walking shoes….I sat down on the bed to tie my shoes and that’s when the lights went out. Before Derek came out of the bathroom I was passed out. The next morning I woke up about 7:20. Felt great…actually kind of hungry. Derek is moaning softly beside me…Rut Oh! I know that moan…so for the next 3 hours I nurse the poor bastard back to life, he’s sworn off vodka (well till next time I’m sure). Terry and Deborah who went with us didn’t rise till 9:15 and had headaches from hell. And I’m thinking…wait a minute….I drank more than any of you and I had a shot of salty olive juice (with floaty things) and I’m feeling good?!?! This is so cool!!


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Blogger LeperColony said...

The last time we went to Vegas, a buddy of mine learned that Vegas + Vodka = Much Overtime of No Lodgings.

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